First South Florida Cytometry Workshop

Theory and Applications of Laser Flow Cytometry

 In Contemporary Biomedical Research


May 14-16, 2014

Miami, FL


Hosted by: 

Florida International University




The First Flow Cytometry Workshop in Miami, FL is organized to

conduct wet labs to review theory and applications of flow cytometry in biomedical research.

Wet labs consisting of instrument set-up, sample

preparation and flow analysis will be demonstrated. Modules to be offered are:


DNA Content and Cell Cycle Analysis:  V. Shankey, A. Krishan

Apoptosis and Proliferation: W. Telford, K. Price

Phenotypic Analysis: P. Jain, Z. Maciorowski

Rare Cell and Stem Cell Analysis: S. McCellan, L. Lima

Hematopoietic and Mesenchymal Stem Cells: L. Barsky. V. Tanavde

Functional Assays: R. Balderas, R. Hamelik

Cell Sorting: Z. Gray, G. Osborne, V. Toxividis, J. Trotter

T-Cell Analysis:  S. Devdas


Students can choose to attend six of the offered modules over the three days.

Workshop Flyer with Wetlab Synopses 


Interested persons should register at link below:


Registration Link (Google Doc)

Registration Payment will be accepted via check starting April. Registrants will be emailed details



Organizing Committee

Awtar Krishan

Alan Saluk

Ron Hamelik



For additional information and application forms please visit our website: