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Protocols and Tips for Sorting Sample Preparations
TSRI Biohazard Review Form for Sorting Applications
Adobe PDF file - required for sorting experiments
TSRI FACS User Check List
Adobe PDF file
Facility FileGuard Security System
TSRI FACS Log On/Log Off Software
WinMDI Software and online help
WinMDI and other software
JavaScript Pages
Estimate Sort Recovery
FACStar/FACStar Plus stream optimization
Vantage/Vantage SE stream optimization
BDIS Turbo Sort
Compensation problems: Isomers of fluorescein
Table of common fluorochromes used in flow cytometry
Krypton/Argon laser powers
TSRI Spectrum Viewer (Java)

Web Tutorials/papers

Helpful pages by Mario Roederer at Stanford University
Compensation - An informal perspective
Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies
A practical approach to multicolor flow cytometry for immunophenotyping (PDF)
Journal of Immunological Methods 243 (2000) 77-97
Interpreting flow cytometry data: a guide for the perplexed (PDF)
Nature Immunology Vol. 7, No. 7 (2006) 681-685
Helpful pages by Geoff Osborne at the John Curtin School of Medical Research
Which Statistic When?

Cytometry Links

American Association of Immunologists
The Journal of Immunology
The Antibody Resource Page
List of Online Companies, Maintained by Kevin Shreder (kshreder@znet.com)
ISAC Home Page
The International Society for Analytical Cytology home page. Compendium of Cytometry Internet Sites.
Cytometry EMAIL Archives
The Cytometry Bulletin Board email archives maintained at Purdue. Search email database by thread, date, subject, or author.
Cytometry Servers List
Cytometry Links maintained at Purdue.
TSRI Immunology
The Immunology Home Page at TSRI

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Fluorescent markers - PBXLTM technology
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The National Flow Cytometry Resource
NFCR - Los Alamos, New Mexico
Omega Optical
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA - Optical Filters
Research Products
PhotosisTMand Cyntellect technology
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Gel Microdrop Technology and FACS sorting
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Immunological reagents
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Laser Innovations - Santa Paula, California
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Phoenix Flow Home Page, San Diego, California
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R&D Systems Home Page
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BioSure Products
Secondary Antibodies
Soft Flow Hungary, Ltd.
Soft Flow Hungary, Ltd. Home page - cytometry software
Spectra-Physics, Inc.
Spherotech, Inc.
Spherotech Homepage - Calibration particles for Flow Cytometry
Novel vectors for two-hybrid cloning, PCR cloning, and mutagenesis
DNA kits
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COPAS complex object and large particle sorter (40-1200 microns)
Verity Software House, Inc.
Verity Home page - cytometry software
Wiley Cytometry Website
Cytometry Links, Journals, Library, Instruments & Reagents, Resources

More links

BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups
The web site for the BIOSCI newsgroups
Havran Laboratory
Wendy Havran - TSRI Immunology
The InterNIC Services
The InterNIC Services Home Page.
Biologist's Control Panel
A link to many helpful WWW biology related services, databases, etc..
Immunology Today
Immunology Today Online
UCSD Gopher
The main Gopher server at UCSD (ucsd.edu).
UCSD InfoPath
The main WWW page at UCSD (ucsd.edu).
Salk Institute FACS Facility
Stanford Shared FACS Facility
Super Computer Center Gopher
The main Gopher server at the San Diego Super Computer Center (sdsc.edu).
Super Computer Center WWW
The main Web server at the San Diego Super Computer Center (sdsc.edu).

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