Optimize Jet Parameters

Version 2.1
FACStar Plus Parameters
TSO      Nozzle size:   µm (diameter) 
Drop Drive Frequency:   Hz 
Breakoff Distance:   mm 
Drops measured:   drops to mm
Calculated Drop Delay:   drops 
Show optimal ddf   
*Enter new values for Breakoff and Drops measured after any pressure change. 


Jet Velocity   meters/second 

  1. Find a resonance frequency (minimal break off distance), then vary the sheath pressure to optimize the jet using this calculator.
  2. The current jet velocity v is distance / time where distance is the span from the bottom of the last attached drop (breakoff) to the same point on a drop n drops below, and time is the number of drops in the span x the drop period (1/ddf). The optimal frequency fopt is calculated:

           fopt = v / 4.5dj

       where the estimated contracted jet diameter dj is 0.975 x the nozzle diameter dd. See reference for more.

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