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Version 6.2 Recovery = e-(1-S)*r*T-r*t
For BD FACSAria, FACSAria II and FACSVantage/Diva Cell Sorters
  Input Parameters   Output Parameters   
  Sorter Type: Vantage SE Digital
  Electronics Loss:  %   
  Mode: Normal Count    Throughput:  hr   
  Purity Mask:  1/    Sort Left   
  Sample Flow Rate:  events/sec    Rate  /hr  /sec   
  Drop Frequency:  Hz    Yield  hr  min  %   
  Window Extension:   µS    Sort Right   
  Sort fractions: Left: %  Right:  %    Rate  / hr  /sec   
  Desired Yield: Left: Right:    Yield hr  min   %   
  Max Sample Loss:  % of sort left subset   Max: / secdrops/event   
These calculations apply to BD sorters where the instrument is set to trigger on light scatter, or total particles. These calculations assume ideal conditions and that there are no other hidden dead times within the sorting electronics. In practice, there are internal constraints within some analog sort circuits that will cause additional aborts that may or may not be counted by the electronics. For High Speed Enrichment, everything changes based on signal/noise and other sample characteristics. Your milage may vary... always check your instruments sorting efficiency...
1This calculator predicts conflict aborts only. Normal-R is a "Normal Recovery" mode with fractional drop envelopes to enhance recovery on the fly. When it is used, fractional drop sorting may actually give slightly better yields than predicted, since a 1.5 drop envelope may clock down to to 1.0 drop if no contaminating cell will be included within the single drop containing the cell of interest. And, in the digital systems, some drops may be sorted on the chance they may contain a cell of interest and no contaminating cells if a Yield Mask greater than zero is used.

Updated 07-30-2007

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