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Caution WinMDI 2.8 is an older 16-bit Windows application and reads most FCS 2.0 compliant files known from most cytometer manufacturers at the time it was last compiled (in 2000), and therefore does not recognize FCS 3.0 BD digital data or other data where the raw values are are either stored at greater than 16 bits as signed/unsigned integers, or as 32 bit single precision floats (where $datatype = F). It is possible to export BD FCS 3.0 data as FCS 2.0 from within DiVa, which decreases the resolution 256-fold and does not add any baseline offsets to emulate analog baseline logrithmic amplifier behavior (i.e. zero is really zero and very dim events will be accrued on axis). You can do this, but it is not recommended to export BD DiVa FCS 3.0 files as FCS 2.0 for analysis with WinMDI.

Build 13, self-extracting files updated January 19, 2000
WinMDI (Windows Multiple Document Interafce for Flow Cytometry) Requires MicroSoft Windows 3.1 or better. Version 2.8 requires a i486 or better processor. Get the Win95/98/NT version for Virtual PC on a Macintosh G3.
The 286 instruction set version is no longer supported
 WinMDI 2.8 HTML Help File, needs the MicroSoft HTML Help Viewer.
 WinMDI 2.8 online Help for Installation information.
Download for Windows 95/98/NT
The Format Print Page allows
for easy page composition.

Improved black & white
Colormaps for publication hardcopy
FCS Icon FCSRead 1.0
Simple Windows interface for displaying formatted FCS1.0 and FCS2.0 header and TEXT from datafiles.
There is also a Win32 version for Windows95/98/NT.
WinList Icon Verity Software House, Inc.
WinList, etc.. for Windows and Macintosh... HP Reader...

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FlowJo - The Stanford Macintosh based flow cytometry analysis package

FCSPress and FCS Assistant

FCSPress Logo FCSPress 1.1a  (June 6,2000)
FCSA Logo FCS Assistant 1.1a  (June 6,2000)
Macintosh Applications written by Ray Hicks

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Tutorial Icon Tutorials - Macintosh
Tutorials written by Geoff Osborne at the John Curtin School of Medical Research in Canberra.

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