Flow Cytometry

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Spectral Cytometry

The Aurora is the Flow Cytometry Core Facility's newest flow cytometer. This analyzer detects the entire spectral fingerprint of each fluorophore, allowing for more flexibility, sensitivity, and accessibility in panel design.
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Analyzer Calendar

Use the calendar to reserve analytical cytometers for your data acquisition. Each lab has a single login for their lab members to use.
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Learn about flow cytometry and find tools that may be useful to your experiments.
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Analyzer Calendar - [Click here to log in]

Reservations for ANALYTICAL CYTOMETERS are made using the WebEvent calendar. Each lab has a shared login. Find out the username and password from your labmates. While the flow core staff has the ability to change the password, they do not have the ability to look it up. To change a password, your PI needs to email flowstaff@scripps.edu and specify what the new password should be.

Sorting Reservations

Sorting reservations are made by email. You must email flowstaff@scripps.edu.

It is highly recommended that you plan ahead for your sorts. If you need a specific instrument on a specific day, place reservations two weeks ahead. If you're simply doing a single-color sort, you may be able to make the reservation in less time, but try to place your reservation at least a week in advance. Appointment availability varies throughout the year.

Do not start any upstream processes (i.e. injections, transfections, thaws, stimulations) unless you have a reservation already made.

Please include the following information for all sort requests: